For long stood I in fellowshipSitting in comb with the Christians;Cold, cold, dull, and dull it ever seems.To me it was unusual, but so many were pleased with it;Just converted, my new world seems promising–Why should the Church I first knew grow cold still? Have I not read the Apostles’ ACTS?Lundar

Mercy On A Prodigal Child

I have wounded the heart of my Beloved,I have gone from him to another woman.Looking for love where there is noneAnd now I’m so miserable with none to comfort. Is it a wonder that I’m unhappy still?The love I looked for, I could not see.Now I hated the day I left my

The Rock That Fails Not


Sitting lonely in the old valley,Upon the broken fence of time;While at the dead smile of the past,My cold eyes stare. What is left of a memory shattered to pick,If reality could lie?I could have borrowed warmthFrom a dead coal! I had fastened my hope in man;My friends and riches and talents;My courage