For long stood I in fellowshipSitting in comb with the Christians;Cold, cold, dull, and dull it ever seems.To me it was unusual, but so many were pleased with it;Just converted, my new world seems promising–Why should the Church I first knew grow cold still? Have I not read the Apostles’ ACTS?And

The Greatest Love There Is

Why does God take delight in working in cooperation with His children when He reserves the sovereign right to work independently? Why does He look for a man that would stand before Him to plead the cause of men and nations when His will is to intervene in human affairs?

Mercy On A Prodigal Child

I have wounded the heart of my Beloved,I have gone from him to another woman.Looking for love where there is noneAnd now I’m so miserable with none to comfort. Is it a wonder that I’m unhappy still?The love I looked for, I could not see.Now I hated the day I left my

Planted In The Ground

When God puts me in the ground, He doesn’t bury me but plants me. I may accumulate dust and dirt under the ground, but my potential is being unleashed, and will be revealed for all to see in due time, for the creation is eagerly awaiting the revelation of God’s

Refined In The Fire

When God puts me in the fire He doesn’t burn me but refines me. Many people go through life beaten down and discouraged by the things they encounter. They wonder why on earth they should experience such difficult situations. They look up at God with contempt; annoyed that God has

Reflections On Communing With God

The things some people do in secret belie their words and the commitments that people know them for. They seek God passionately in public while they live in flagrant defiance in secret. Jesus would not entrust Himself to such people. He did not entrust himself to the Jews because he

Empty Vessels And Longing Hearts

God finds it very easy to flow through people who do not live for themselves but for Him. This is because they will not seek any part of the glory when His power is displayed in and through them. They know that they are nothing if God would not use

Seeking Jesus


Wise men came from the east to worship Jesus. They had seen his star, that it shone brightly. They had not seen any star so magnificent as this star was. And thus, they were brought to a state of awe and desired to worship Him. Matthew 2:2. Have I also seen

Eternity Beckons

I stand at the corridors of eternity, beholding the sons of men marching on in their great numbers. I stand at the threshold of time, observing as men go about their lives. They seem not to realize that the sand on the hourglass is being emptied. The sounds of the