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Mercy On A Prodigal Child

I have wounded the heart of my Beloved,
I have gone from him to another woman.
Looking for love where there is none
And now I’m so miserable with none to comfort.

Is it a wonder that I’m unhappy still?
The love I looked for, I could not see.
Now I hated the day I left my Beloved
To seek from elsewhere gain and pleasure.

Yet I see the love of Jesus extending to me,
I see His care time and time again.
But I cannot understand why He does this;
‘I owe Him something,’ my heart tells me.

My heart, when will you arise to meet Him?
He’s standing at your door,
Saying, ‘Oh, that he may understand my love!
And see everything I have done.’

‘Leave me alone!’ I cried out to Him,
‘Why would you ever forgive me?’
‘I am so defiled and steeped in sin
That Your love would find no place in me.’

‘Not so! I love you, my beloved child,
I died to wash you from your sins
And bring you closer than ever to me,
I will accept you and remember your faults no more.

At once, I saw passion in His heart for me,
I knew that His love was genuine
‘I will rise and go back to my Beloved,’ I said
And tell Him I’m His forever.

And then I opened the door,
His eyes filled with tears of love,
His loving arms extending out to me,
I just couldn’t comprehend His great mercy.

Collapsing into His arms, I told him,
Of how sorry and foolish I had been.
But he just wiped my tears and told me,
‘Welcome back, my love.’

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