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Empty Vessels And Longing Hearts

God finds it very easy to flow through people who do not live for themselves but for Him. This is because they will not seek any part of the glory when His power is displayed in and through them. They know that they are nothing if God would not use them. This is why He chooses the things the world despises. Yea, He takes hold of those who are lack strength and have nothing to prove to others. He looks passionately for empty vessels and hungry hearts.

When God’s desire becomes our desire, our lives will be within the confinements of His will. Our life will become so fused with His life that we would cease to exist if we were separated from Him. We would love Him to such extent that His word becomes the great delight of our hearts. We will meditate on it day and night. We pray, fast, and wait diligently on Him. How would He not search diligently for us? How would He withhold anything from us? Yea, He will rend the heavens, such that the earth will quake because He has come down to fill a hungry vessel.

Do you think you will lose relevance in the world because you do not live for yourself any longer? God’s glory is greater than that which any man can give. If we do not seek to get the glory for ourselves, God will Himself take from the abundance of His glory and honor and beautify us with it. It is in His light that we see light. Psalm 36:9. Our glory comes only when He is glorified. If only our eyes could see the things God has prepared for those who are His, we will cease seeking the world’s comforts and applause. A man that has only God for his support and dwelling place has all he needs.

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