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For long stood I in fellowship
Sitting in comb with the Christians;
Cold, cold, dull, and dull it ever seems.
To me it was unusual, but so many were pleased with it;
Just converted, my new world seems promising–
Why should the Church I first knew grow cold still?

Have I not read the Apostles’ ACTS?
And possessed great hunger and thirst?
For that which my Church can’t fill
The boring shepherd preaches a boring sermon,
Fat and sleepy at prayer time—O! Shepherd.

The church sleeps along—
The choir sings with voices not with oil.
Paul and Silas could bear witness to their death
If they with robes and melodious voices sang.
When the prison’s doors flung wide
And the captives’ chain shattered—
Thank God the Apostles’ acts were not hidden.
Signs and wonders they wrought
Though many still say signs ascended with Christ.

Cold men, ask for the fire
That blazes at the Devil’s heritage!
How can we survive these last days
If the Church fail to burn?
To devour to ashes the Devil’s injection
Errors and heresies, sins and prejudices
Accustomed to our habitation…
Ablaze, ablaze, we must burn!

With ever-rising flames and brightened light,
A heat that discomforts the world.
Holiness, righteousness, revival, evangelism, renewal
And cleansing fire.
Ablaze, O! God, set ablaze the ready hearts,
The freezing Church and her frozen shepherd.

For this surely is Thy joy,
That by Thy holy beauty she provokes the heathen to rage.
That in blazing love, arrogant sinners melt at once,
And in blazing worship Thy glory descends;
And exalted thrones are lowered to the earth.
That they might realize they are but men
But Thy Church with blazing force conquer the world.

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