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Only One Life

I stand at the corridors of eternity, beholding the sons of men marching on in their great numbers. I stand at the threshold of time, observing as men go about their lives. They seem not to realize that the sand on the hourglass is being emptied. The sounds of the ticking clocks fail to arouse them from their lethargy. They have lost all sense of time. See how they busy themselves with trivialities. They live as if they will be here on earth forever.

Life is made of brevity!
Briefest years and weeks and days
Hours and minutes cross our ways.
Once we greet them, then they flee –
Gone for all eternity.
Life is made of brevity!

Wesley Duewel

Some Realities In Eternity

Yet on the other side—in eternity—those who enter seek to come back to remedy their mistakes. They realize, with great anguish, that their time is gone while their life’s work is yet done. They had been saved at some point in their lives, but that was all they had done. They never allowed God to express His infinite possibilities through them. They had been content simply to be saved and go to heaven when they die. But now, they are greatly unhappy as they see the rewards that they could have been given by God, had they yielded to His will. They weep at their failure to bring glory to God on earth when they now see His magnificent glory, before which the angels bow in absolute awe and worship. They desire to go back to the earth to make Him known to men, but it is not possible any longer. Their time is spent.

The Sad Object Of Men’s Pursuit On Earth

Yet on earth, everyone is worried about what to eat. They are in the race of acquiring the world’s glory to themselves, competing fiercely with one another for the first place. They desire to impact lives only if it would bring some glory to them. Yes, they tell of their feats and great acts of generosity, hoping that someone would pat their backs and commend them. Still, others are driven by the desire to live comfortable lives. They all spend their brief years chasing after these things, but they lose sight of one—their purpose on earth.

How many people have ever considered why they were born? Am I born to struggle for survival and then eventually die? O, what paradox! What is the purpose of life? “Why was I born?” I asked my parents, but they could not answer. Why do I have to struggle for everything? What’s the point? I don’t quite understand. This is not how I desire to live. I don’t want to live for something that would eventually be snatched away from my hands by death. I don’t want to seek money, fame or wealth only to lose all when death lays its cold hands on me.

Life’s Comforts And Their Sedating Power

‎I looked at those who were born with a golden spoon and greatly admired their lives. “These fortunate ones!” I said, “How I wish I was born as they were. These ones have enjoyed all that life has to offer”. But I am not like them. The majority of the people in the world have to struggle for survival. And one thing ends all—death. And then there is no distinction between the rich and the poor, the king and the subjects, the wise and the foolish. All have the same fate. On earth, they were driven by the desire for other things rather than the desire for God and their purpose. The rich wanted more riches. They planned and devised means whereby they can wring off the pennies the poor had in their hands. The poor served the rich and constantly thought about how they could be rich as well. None gave attention to the fact that they were nearing their end. Every passing day brought them nearer and nearer to eternity. They celebrated birthdays with great pomp and festivities, some drinking themselves to stupor. They did not realize that it was meant to remind them that their time will soon be over. Now they must face the God they had neglected all their lives. What would they tell him? What excuse would they have for failing to do what they were meant to do?

‎Time—Our Greatest Resource

I am often dazed at how quickly time goes. “How time flies!… Time and tide wait for no man”, we say. But how many of us have appropriated the full measure of this truth. How has it impacted the epicenter of our lives—our purpose? Time is a great resource. Many are more pained at the loss of money than the loss of time.

Life is too brief to lose one day
E’en though your life prove long.
You pass but once along life’s way,
You sing but once life’s song.
You have but one life to invest
For ages without end.
You dare not fail to do your best –
But one life do you spend.

Wesley Duewel

Our lives on earth are the tiniest part of our existence. We would, in eternity, reap above and beyond all we have sown in the sands of time. What are we sowing now? How are we making preparations now? Will our lives here on earth be only existence? Or, it will be life in the fullest, most wonderful sense of that term? No matter how wonderful or how difficult our lives are today, we can, if we will, prepare today for a better future. Jesus came that we might have life in its most wonderful sense, “and have it to the full.” (John 10:10). Will this be the focal point of our lives?

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