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Yet Another Day


It is of the LORD’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23.

LORD, today is all that you have given me. I will cherish and make the most of it because I do not have the assurance of another day. But if you, in your infinite love and kindness, decide to give me another day, I would be eternally grateful and repay the faith you had in me to graciously entrust me with life.

Yesterday’s Missed Opportunities

You gave me life yesterday to do the things you wanted me to do, to bring pleasure unto you, to become significant. I did not do anything to merit being given the opportunity of a day. Yet you gave me an opportunity to sow seeds that would eternally abound to my account. But I acknowledge that the gift you gave me has been marred by unfulfilled dreams, wrong actions and choices, sin, and selfishness. Though I may console myself that I offered short spurts of love songs to you, yet my heart tells me that I fraternized with worldly pursuits more than I did with you. I was content to ride on the wings of men’s commendations while the work you assigned me was undone.

God’s Purpose

Yet you graciously gave me another day–another day to right the wrongs I did yesterday. Another day–another opportunity–to sow seeds and entrench my name in the annals of men that gloriously reflected the person of the Christ. Another day to bring joy to your heart. Another day to fulfill the very purpose for which I was born. Another day to begin a path that will open up generations of men unto the knowledge of your love so that they may know you. Another day to bring your light to that soul that has been ignored for long and whose life would be snuffed out tonight. Another day to tell the soul that has been unloved that you have not forgotten him. Another day to feed that hungry soul and satisfy that longing heart.

My Unfaithfulness

Men had waited for me yesterday to minister to them of the substance which you had graciously given me for them but I had failed. They wept last night because they had to go to bed hungry. They wept last night because they had to endure yet another night of affliction from the enemy that was too strong for them. They wept last night because another day of unanswered prayer had gone. They wept because my refusal to show up reinforced the voice of Satan in their hearts that God had forgotten and failed them. God had encouraged them that help is on the way. But I abandoned the mission and pursued after frivolities. Now the day is ended, and my deal is done. Now men weep because it seems all hope is lost.

I lay on my bed full of regrets of the missed opportunities, and the pain I had caused those I was sent to minister to because of my negligence. My heart is filled with tears.

God’s Grace To Me Today

Yet God is full of lovingkindness. He saw my grief and gave me another opportunity. He would have taken me away from the platform and sent another person that would gladly fulfill his purpose, and it would have brought much profit to Him. Yet, He gave me another day out of the multitude of His love. He invested much faith in me that I would bring joy to Him this time.

My Commitment

Now, today is all that I have. I cannot afford to waste it again on frivolities. Men may have commended me for my successes yesterday, but now I know better. Though I remember the little successes I had yesterday, I quickly put them behind me and focus on the work I have been assigned to do today. I do not look for the commendation that comes from men and from my own heart. I look for that which comes from God. This I will passionately pursue. Men may not understand what the fuss is about. They may be offended by my zeal. But I am concerned with fulfilling the wishes in the heart of God. Now deliverance has come to those who dwell along the valley of the shadows of death.

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