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The Rock That Fails Not


Sitting lonely in the old valley,
Upon the broken fence of time;
While at the dead smile of the past,
My cold eyes stare.

What is left of a memory shattered to pick,
If reality could lie?
I could have borrowed warmth
From a dead coal!

I had fastened my hope in man;
My friends and riches and talents;
My courage and depth;
Little did I opined
That there was no certain ground
In humanity to stand.

Was it not yesterday
That the treachery was done?
And today my darlings away flew
The patriotic heart of purple,
Blue tongues of favor,
And milky eyes of trust.

Was it not yesterday
That the treachery was done?
That the best of friends betrayed!
The hollow cap of solitude,
Tightened my head together.
And upon my crackling soul,
The pendulum of pain swiftly swings.

A cold breeze befriends not an open sore
Similar to the hard touch of a pal.
I had built my fortunes upon a lie!
My rocks were men who were red oil lickers
And green field dwellers.

What a pity
That I thought they were a firm anchors to support!
And steel arms suitable to bear.
Now the ship of life is left to the tearing force of the raging sea.

If there can be one chance left
Or a miracle to manage the wreck,
I will follow the path of penitence.

The voice of God will I chase and skip after,
The truth will I seek,
The ocean’s length to catch.
No current of divine perceptions
Can softly roll by.

For this Rock have I chosen
Upon its chest will I lay
Sit O my soul! Sit and rest!
This reality does not lie;
Neither does her truth mimic the world.

Look not at the eyes
And the hands of humanity.
The best of men sly;
Confidence in men jilt.
In plenty, faces crowded abound,
In lack, the gaps grow in width.

To a rich man stuffed with friends,
Deceived by wealth stationed outside the Rock;
Your shock is merely an inch away
Unless you find the true Rock and rest!

This Rock have I found,
Upon Him my hope is built;
Trust remain and confidence is sure.
Jesus! The Rock is sure;
A friend that never fails!

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