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Sacrificial Love


Do you realise that God is planning tremendous rewards for you? Has this thought crossed your heart at any time? Has this thought influenced the way you live, your passions and aspirations?

God Is Pleased With Our Sacrifices Of Love

Do you know that God eagerly watches you in order to bless you? Malachi 3:17. His love for you is beyond compare. His heart beams with joy each time you desire Him in your heart. He values every attempt you make at knowing Him better. As the heart of a father is moved when his child that tries beyond all odds to draw near his father though he falls many times, so is God to us.  Have you ever thought about how He is moved to tears because you love Him?

Your love for Him is revealed by your willingness to go the extra mile. He loves it when you are very passionate for His glory that you are not content to abide in the tolerable zone of His will. After you have preached the gospel and you are tired, do you still rise because a soul is desperately seeking guidance from you? Do you remember to pray for that brother, sister, parent, friend or acquaintance after you have tarried long in His presence and life’s demands beckon on you? How passionate are you for the things of God?  How burdened are you when you see multitudes of unsaved people daily while your family and friends are saved?

Our Acts Of Love Will Be Rewarded

He sees you though you may think He does not count it. Nothing you ever do for God is lost. Nothing whatsoever you do for the sake of His love will go unrewarded. That extra effort you put in when the strength is gone can weigh much more than when you had the full strength. Why? Because it was motivated by love. Obligations and responsibility may motivate you to serve when you have the strength, but it is the love you have for God that will motivate you to continue to work when the strength is gone.

It is a tremendous joy to God that you and I will be able to share with Him all that His love is planning for us forever and ever and ever! O what a sweet thought! If we could only fathom the indescribable joy of that reaping, we would make our greatest ambition today to pursue the interests of God with more zeal.

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